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Nature Park Zillertal Alps

The Nature Park Zillertal reaches from the village of Ginzling, 999 m above sea level, up to the highest peak of the Zillertal alps on 3.509 m and thus covers all the different zones of the alpine landscape. Many geological and geographical factors determine what kinds of plants or animals inhabit the area covered by the Nature Park.

The big vertical range of the Nature Park means it is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna – and of course, there are also the glaciers that cover a substantial part of the park and represent another, hugely interesting natural zone altogether. Besides all these natural factors, it is also us humans that have shaped the landscape over the years. The Nature Park also showcases the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the alps and proves that humans are quite capable of living in harmony with nature.

Besides being educational and informative, the Zillertal Nature Park also offers many opportunities for relaxation and sports – be it romantic walks through the peaceful landscape, or exhilerating activities such as rock climbing or mountain biking. Experience the secrets and mysteries of the alps on one of our guided summer tours. Learn about the glittering world of alpine rocks and minerals, or listen to fascinating stories about smugglers and poachers from times long gone by.

Take a look at our visitor centre in the village of Ginzling or admire the current Nature Park exhibition!

Guided tours

The spectrum of available tours is huge and suitable for young and old. We offer tours of different lengths (e.g. half day tours, full day tours) and focus on different aspects of nature in the Zillertal Alps: the cultural landscape, flora, fauna, geology, the glacier, the forest, or anything you are interested in – our guides will give you many insightful details. Of course, we also offer tours suited for families with children, for example a walk and exploration of a waterfall, or a Lama-Trekking hike.


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